What is Anodamine?

Anodamine’s technology is without equal in protecting boiler steam cycle systems and cooling towers from corrosion. It is an advanced, surface active, technology that provides a highly tenacious, thermally stable, super-hydrophobic, barrier on all water-side metal components of steam cycle systems. It provides unequalled corrosion protection on all metals, carbon steel, admiralty, and high alloy metals. It’s non-solid inducing formula does not promote boiler carryover. The multi-component formulation provides protection in all phases of the steam cycle including aqueous, steam, and phase transition. All while holding a food-grade non-toxic rating making it not harmful to people or the environment.

Anodamine satisfies these main areas of cycle chemistry


No more handling of toxic chemicals and less chemistry related failures result in a safer work environment for the most important asset, plant personnel.


No more chemistry holds. The ability to continue production, without the cycle chemistry holding you back.



Anodamine protection results in a significant reduction of corrosion product transport, which means less failures and more production.

Safety First

Anodamine is a non-toxic, environmentally-friendly chemistry with no handling risks. The result is a safer work environment and peace of mind for everyone, without compromise to performance.

Complete Cycle Protection

Anodamine offers complete metal protection to all water or steam-touched surfaces in both single and two-phase areas, leaving one with the peace of mind that their capital assets are well-protected and reliable in all locations. Protection is applicable to any all-ferrous or mixed metallurgies systems without compromise.


A brief comparison between conventional regimes, conventional film-forming amines, and Anodamine