Pre-Treatment Systems


A fully International Standards Compliant, thermally stable "green" high-pressure cycle chemistry for exceptional protection of both ferrous and admiralty metals throughout the steam water cycle. The formulation significantly, if not totally eliminates FAC (flow-assisted corrosion), successfully achieving protection in all operational controls.



A thermally stable, non-hazardous environmentally compatible cycle chemistry for total protection of all metals in medium and low-pressure steam generators. The formulation significantly, if not totally eliminates FAC (flow-assisted corrosion) and offers unequalled levels of metal protection in both ferrous and admiralty sections.


A non-hazardous environmentally compatible cooling-water treatment technology. Unique metal protection combined with synergistic use of our non-hazardous, food-grade compliant dispersant thus ensures total inhibition of calcium and magnesium salts. The formulation contains our multi-component blue dye that is responsible for adsorption of light in the wavelength required by algae photosynthesis. When algae are "starved of light" growth is inhibited.


Our non-hazardous, food-grade compliant, environmentally compatible dispersant polymer for inhibition of all divalent cations, including calcium, magnesium ad iron salts. In addition, our formulation is non-eutrophication based and thus does not add to the life cycle of bacterial growth in cooling circuits.