Pre-Treatment Systems

Key features of our functional, high-quality reverse-osmosis systems.


High Quality

Our systems are constructed from heavy quality steel that is grit-blasted and powder coated. All stainless steel ranges between 304 and 316L grade.

Modular Design

Our systems are designed on a modular concept. Expansion, customization and placement are simple and effective, yet remain easily customizable.

Modern Technology

We are always pushing the limits on performance, thus, the latest technology in filtration is constantly assessed and utilized for our designs.

Made in the USA

All steel fabrication, welding, assembly, electronics design and testing are exclusively conducted at our facilities in the USA.


Reverse Osmosis System

We custom design, manufacture, and utilize reliable equipment for fabrication of our pre-treatment solutions. The modular design ensures easy expansion, customization, and placement.

Information Sheet

You’ll get a description of each component and see how it all fits together.

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials show you the simple operation of setting up, operating, and maintaining our systems.